Steel Fabrication

Gen-Fab has been providing a comprehensive range of high quality steel fabrication services for over 30 years to customers throughout the UK.

Steel fabrication involves the preparation of metal and the building of steel structures by press brake and metal forming, guillotining, drilling and machining, grinding and rolling and laser cutting. The technologies used to perform these jobs has evolved considerably in the last 30 years and it’s now possible for us to turnaround projects within just a few days.

Our experience

Over the last 30 years, we have carried out steel fabrication services for all industry sectors and we have worked on tanks and hoppers, industrial and commercial boilers, brackets, rail tooling’s, universal beams, architectural metalwork and much, much more. We’ve handled jobs small and large and we’re used to one off jobs and large contracts.

Our steel fabrication capabilities

We have the ability to handle steel fabrication jobs up to 3 tons and our extensive array of equipment enables us to perform a wide variety of tasks, including:

  • Press braking & metal forming
  • Guillotining
  • Drilling and machining
  • Grinding and rolling
  • Laser cutting

Combined, these allow us to offer to you a comprehensive range of steel fabrication services. Our experienced and professional team of metalworkers use the latest equipment to ensure that the end result is always a product made to the highest standards.

Quality guaranteed

We understand that you will have concerns surrounding quality no matter how experienced the people are who are working on your job. Because of this, we welcome our customers to visit our workshop at any time during the manufacturing process to see for themselves how things are coming along. We’ll even make you a coffee!

Steel fabrication lead times

Gen-Fab has the infrastructure in place to turnaround most steel fabrication jobs within a few days from start to finish. Furthermore, we aim to respond to all enquiries within 24-hours and we do offer a 24-hour turnaround time on certain projects. Whatever you needs, you can rest assured that we’ll do our best to meet your deadlines and in our 30 years of being in business, we haven’t missed a deadline yet!

For top quality steel fabrication, give our sales team a call today on 01709 581168

If you need top quality steel fabrication or to find out more about our services, please give our sales team a call on 01709 581168 for a no obligation quote.